YPAS staff support Each Other UK Mental Health Campaign

December 15, 2021

YPAS staff members have supported EACH OTHER UK with a mental health campaign, writing 2 excellent blogs that have been published across their social media and website.

EachOther UK, is a human rights charity using independent journalism to spotlight key issues. They have launched an exciting project highlighting mental health and human rights issues, putting together a week’s content focused on young people, mental health and human rights.


BIG THANK YOU to Nicholas and Dean who supported this campaign and all their hard work that went into researching, writing and editing their blogs

You can find their blogs published on the below links:


Nicholas – Art Therapist: Blog Title: LGBTQ+ Young People’s Mental Health Needs More Support



Dean – Peer Action Collective (PAC) Peer Researcher: Blog Title: We Still Have A Lot To Learn About Mental Health