Your confidential information is important to you and us. We may have to ask for parental consent (if under 16) for you to take part in some of our work. Where necessary we will not mention your identity or the specific name of the group you are accessing.

If we think you are at significant risk of harm we may have to use your emergency contact details too but we would only do this in a way that had your consent. Generally speaking it is up to you if you want to tell anyone you are attending. We encourage you to eventually open up about it as there is nothing to be ashamed of.
If you do not use a birth name then you can use a chosen name in our groups. We may need to ask you for your name assigned at birth for our records but this will not be shared with any group members. You let us know which pronoun you would like us to use for you in our space and if you use this outside of our group too.

It is optional to attend our groups so each week we will not know exactly who is attending, it’s impossible to predict! We usually get a good mix of identities attending our groups.
We offer 1 to 1 support outside of the group space. You can ask a worker for an appointment for support.
Our staff know that everyone is at a different stage of their personal journey and are skilled to support you to access group and 1 to 1 support at your pace. We will never force you to do anything but do encourage you to take the leap of faith in us and get in touch. By attending the group you are coming out to everyone in there in some way, we have an unwritten rule that each attendee will respect the confidentiality of each other outside of the group.
GYRO traditionally is an acronym for Gay Youth R Out but these days it is much more than gay youth but we kept the name.

There is no referral needed for GYRO.