Spinning World


Spinning World is completely different from the home office so your therapist won’t be making any decisions about your asylum claim. Therapy with Spinning World is just about providing people with emotional support and an opportunity to feel better.
Sessions are completely confidential.

YPAS services are confidential and we will respect that as much as possible. However, if we feel that you or someone else may be at risk of harm we may need to contact someone. We would inform you of this first where possible.
The aim of sessions is to develop safety and promote resilience. Sessions aim to address current difficulties and historic events.
Yes you can. Your therapist will book an interpreter if you require one.
Moving to a new country with a new language, people and culture can be overwhelming and extremely challenging. Your support worker/parent or carer has recognised that you might be experiencing:

• Feelings of loss due to separation from friends, family and country of origin
• Sleep difficulties/ nightmares
• Worried feelings about the past/ future
• Anxiety about Asylum claim
• Concentration difficulties
• Feeling like you want to isolate yourself from others
Therapy is a voluntary relationship, which means you have a choice in whether you feel you want it or need it. If you start sessions with a therapist and don’t want to continue come to your session and let them know as they can give you information to take away with you that can be helpful in the future.