YIACS National Impact and Learning Report 2022-23

July 4, 2023

YIACS National Impact and Learning Report 2022-23 is now live! 

This report provides a national overview of the YIACS work and the national impact, it also draws and reflects on achievements and learnings.

What it a YIAC Service? What do they do?

YIACS – Youth Information, Advice and Counselling Service. YPAS has been a YIAC Service for over 30 years; we provide free, accessible and age-appropriate support to children and young people to address their mental health and emotional wellbeing difficulties ‘all under one roof’.

YIAC Services advocate for children and young people’s right to access high-quality local services which offer a range of support to help them tackle the diverse challenges they face as they move into adulthood.

What are key learnings off the report? 

  • YIACS are facing increasing levels of demand for their services and so Youth Access’s approach to engaging members must be mindful of this.
  • YIACS members are eager to be part of a strong collective voice.

Where can I read the full report?

You can read the full report online now by clicking here.