Restoration of YPAS’s City Centre Mental Health Hub

August 9, 2022

Our appeal is to restore our city centre building to continue supporting Merseyside’s children, young people, and families. This will support the ever-increasing demand of mental health services, enabling quicker access and less waiting times.

Co-designed with young people and families; the restoration will provide a fully accessible modern building with a new lift, more rooms, bigger group areas, completely equipped with dedicated play, and creative therapy spaces and youth work facilities. In addition, the restored building will support the ever-increasing demand of mental health services, allowing for quicker access and less waiting times.

YPAS has always been a supportive, safe and non-judgemental space for me and many other young people across Merseyside. Being able to access a fit for purpose building in the heart of Liverpool would mean that I, along with the many other young people who rely on it can continue to get the help, advice and support we need, when we need it, to live happier and healthier lives.”

A Young Person

Monique Collier (CEO) said; 3 million pounds is a very ambitious appeal but we believe in it. The restoration will allow for the enhancement of YPASs services to be delivered on a broader scale in an environment that continues to carry a reduced level of mental health stigma.

YPAS has been providing services to children, young people and families for nearly 60 years and the demand for support continues. Our 18th century City Centre building is crying out for a refresh, which requires a full restoration.

 “Come and join us, come and help us, come on our appeal journey and feel the excitement of the city as we invest in our current and future generations”.

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