Pink Therapy Accreditation for YPAS Counsellor

January 29, 2018

Fantastic news as Louise from YPAS has recently been awarded her accreditation with Pink Therapy as a Gender, Sexuality and Relationship Diversities Therapist. Louise is already a highly qualified therapist and has worked at YPAS for four years. Louise works with clients who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and others who identify as being gender or sexually diverse. Pink Therapy is the UK’s largest independent therapy organisation working with gender and sexual diversity clients.

The accreditation means that Louise is recognised and supported by Pink Therapy who are pioneers of specialist therapy training.

We can ensure YPAS service users that our accredited counsellor:

  • Met the Pink Therapy standards for reflective practice and supervision support.
  • Is equipped with specialist knowledge about the specific issues our clients face
  • Experienced in delivering GSRD therapy (GSRDT) with the truly welcoming, inclusive approach our clients are seeking.

Louise added: The Pink Therapy Accreditation is important as it highlights that I have attended relevant training and have the experience and ongoing supervision to work with young people who may be exploring their gender and/or sexuality. Due to external influences such as bullying or discrimination, young people who identify as LGBTQIA* are more likely to experience difficulties with their mental health and to be at risk of self-harm or suicide. It is vital that YPAS is able to offer appropriate support. This accreditation demonstrates that LGBTQIA* young people who come to YPAS are offered a safe space to be themselves and to explore whatever is going on for them.

Well Done Louise!