Peer Action Collective – Youth Violence Peer Research & Social Action Project

April 11, 2022

Peer Action Collective –Youth Violence Peer Research & Social Action Project

Giving young people of the northwest a voice

 April 2022 – We are a group of 13 peer researchers aged 16-21 who are keen to make a difference in our community. As young people we are striving to make our voices heard and change the perception of youth today. We are using our own experiences, perspectives and research to highlight a key issue in today’s society – youth violence. We aim to make a positive impact and represent those who are too afraid or unable to represent themselves. We are youth trying to make a change for our future.


We are a very diverse group, but as a whole we represent the North West (specifically Merseyside), young people in our communities and YPAS.

We are on a mission to raise awareness, help, advocate and make a difference in our community as a whole but also our individual communities. We aim to speak to at least 480 children & young people aged 10-20 across Merseyside about the topic of youth violence & work with 150 Changemakers to make a positive change. We are aiming to show how youth violence affects young people today – and show adults in the community what they can do to help us bring about change.

We’re starting off with a project to find out what violence means to young people. Then we want to find out what the solutions should be – and work with the whole community to make the change young people need. If you work in education, the local government, youth offending services, the police or youth work, we’ll want to speak to you about our research!

Youth violence is a global problem causing trauma, sadness and lifelong health and social consequences. We are doing what we can today to prevent more children growing up in such environments. Our 13 voices with the help of our coordinators are trying to make a small change on such a big issue.


“Youth violence has been a silent virus”

“We want to be part of social change among young people”

“We want to make sure children & young people’s voices are heard on a topic that affects them”