Liverpool Fashion Designer Fundraising for YPAS

March 5, 2021

Liverpool fashion designer Robert Pierre in collaboration with Instagrammer AndrewsGrotto have designed a t-shirt to raise funds for the Young Person’s Advisory Service (YPAS) which will support the mental health of Liverpool’s children, young people and families.

We are really exciting about this fund raising opportunity and send a big THANK YOU out to Robert Pierre and AndrewsGrotto. Last year, YPAS supported over 7200 children, young people and families with their mental health and emotional wellbeing and delivered over 23,400 sessions of therapy and suppport in Liverpool. Robert Pierre approached us with his t-shirt and fund raising idea and told us the reasons why this was important to him to support a charity like YPAS:

Robert Pierre 

Robert Pierre told us: “The reason I choose you as a charity is because I feel mental health especially for young people at this time is very important. My mum is also a primary school teacher so tells me about what struggles children can go through. I feel also because I use dolls in my marketing it links to children again. Dolls have also helped me since childhood for escapism. They also helped me find my passion for fashion as I started making clothes for them from my childhood”


For more information and to support the fund raising please visit: