Hope Hack Reflection Report: Revisiting the issues raised in Merseyside as part of the Hope Collective project 2023, what has changed?

June 6, 2024

YPAS Peer Researchers Revisit the Hope Hack report to see if the issues raised remain prevalent around 6 Key themes affecting young People in Merseyside.

In 2023, the Merseyside Violence Reduction Partnership (MVRP) and key partners teamed up with the Hope Collective for a program called Hope Hacks. This national initiative engaged over 400 young people aged 14-24 in Merseyside, sparking conversations about poverty, inequality, and other vital issues affecting their lives.

A year on, our Participation Team spoke to young people in Merseyside to see whether their views have differed, whether there are new concerns and whether they can see the impact of work being carried out.

The findings of these conversations are documented in the Hope Hack Reflection Report. This report revisits the themes raised by Merseyside youth in 2023 and explores whether these issues remain prevalent in 2024 if there have been any significant shifts, and what further action needs to be taken.

Key themes that are explored and reviewed with young people in this report:

  • Poverty and InequalityHow do young people in Merseyside experience these issues, and have their experiences changed in the past year?
  • Community SafetyDo young people feel safe in their communities? Are there new concerns related to safety?
  • Education – What are the educational opportunities and challenges young people face in Merseyside?
  • Hate and Crime Discrimination – Have young people experienced hate crimes or discrimination?
  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing – How are young people’s mental and physical health needs being addressed?
  • Youth Work – Is sufficient youth support available, and what kind of support do young people need most?

This report offers valuable insights into the hopes, concerns, and experiences of young people in Merseyside. By understanding these perspectives, we can work together to create a brighter future for all.

Please see quotes below from three leaders in the city.

Monique Collier, CEO of Young Persons Advisory Service (YPAS) commented “The Hope Hack Reflection report is a testament to the ongoing commitment of MVRP and YPAS to listen and address the voices of young people in Merseyside. It is heartening to see the progress and changes that have taken place since the 2023 Hope Hack event, as highlighted by their valuable feedback. By broadening the themes to include Hate Crime and Discrimination, we have gained deeper insights into the challenges faced by our youth of today.”

“This report reflects young people’s resilience and honesty and underpinned our dedication to creating a safer, more inclusive community for all. Together, we are making strides towards a brighter future, informed and shaped by the perspectives of the next generation.”


Director of the MVRP Superintendent Georgie Garvey said: Our goal is to prevent young people from getting drawn into serious violence. We can only do that if we engage with them and listen to their views on how we can protect them and keep them safe.

“This can’t just be a one-off process. It needs to be an ongoing dialogue, so we’re pleased to have worked once again with YPAS to carry out this further review of the research undertaken during 2022/23 and my thanks go to the team of young people who produced this insightful report.

“Their work won’t sit on a shelf. It will help inform the programmes and initiatives we deliver to make sure they meet the needs of our young people and further drive down serious violence across our region.”


Merseyside’s Police Commissioner Emily Spurrell said: “Listening to the voices of young people is essential if we are to build a safer, healthier, happier society for future generations.

“So, I’m very grateful to the YPAS Peer Researchers for carrying out this reflective report looking at whether the views of young people have changed over the past year.

“We recently held a Big Conversation with young people from the Merseyside Youth Commission and, together, these complementary pieces of work will give us a real picture of the views and opinions of young people across Merseyside, helping to shape our work to build safer, stronger region for them to grow up in.”

You can find the full Hope Hack Reflection Report Here.

Let’s continue the conversation and work towards a Merseyside where all young people feel safe, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

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