GYRO Postcards from the Margins Project. 

December 9, 2021

This project was in partnership with the Museum of Liverpool who funded the production of the postcards, which were co-produced by GYRO young people to promote well-being and visibility for LGBTQ+ Youth.

The project was facilitated by GYRO (YPAS LGBTQ+ Youth groups) with the help of a young, local poet/writer @lyndsaywritespoems and a local artist, activist and ex member of GYRO @lotierneyart.

Sessions consisted of free writing exercises and exploration of what pride means to young people, what are safe places of pride to them and what are their motivation quotes/tips for well-being for LGBTQ+ youth.

Sessions were positively received young people and produced some content that was used for the design and production of the postcards.

The session enabled LGBTQ+ youth to explore the benefits of writing and self-expression for mental well-being.

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