Fund The Hubs

June 14, 2021

The campaign for early support hubs for every young person in England

For too long, young people have been calling for better access to early help with their mental health. They’ve set out their vision for a mental health system that meets their rights and needs, and now it’s time to make that vision a reality, by fighting for easy-to-access local services like YIACS.

Along with our allies The Children’s Society, Mind, Young Minds and the wider Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition, we’re calling on the Government to fund ‘early support hubs’ in every local area in England, with our joint Fund The Hubs campaign.

Youth Access has long advocated for the role of Youth Information Advice and Counselling Services (YIACS) as a cornerstone of a mental health system that meets young people’s rights. Sometimes called one-stop-shops, drop-in centres or ‘hubs’, these services, which make up a large portion of the Youth Access membership, provide tailored emotional and practical support for young people along the journey into adulthood.

Now, more and more organisations across the mental health system are with us. As each of us has listened to young people, it’s clear that’s what is missing from mental health provision are local, easy-to-access, youth-friendly services which allow young people to get help with their mental health, and the issues that underpin it, as early as possible.

Moreover, we know our members already provide that, and could do so much more with the right investment.