Free Online Parenting Programme in Liverpool

January 8, 2020

For ALL parents, parents-to-be, grandparents or carers

FREE online parenting programme in Liverpool.


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Liverpool City Council have invested in a multi-user licence for 4 award winning, quality marked, evidence based online courses by the Solihull Approach (a national NHS organisation). They are currently offering  FREE access to these online courses, normally £9-£39 per person.
Please take advantage of this fantastic resource while you can.
These courses are for ALL parents-to-be, parents, grandparents or carers of any child from antenatally upto age 18 years who want to be the best they can be. You don’t need to be struggling. This course is relevant to parents of all children, including those with special needs, autism, ADHD etc.

Go to

• Understanding your baby
• Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
• Understanding your child (0-19 years, main course)
• Understanding your teenager’s brain (short course)

You will be asked a few questions and your postcode to confirm that you are eligible to use these codes. Your responses will not be linked to your name. You will also be asked to create an account so that you can revisit the course anytime, on any device and resume where you left off.

You will not receive any marketing emails. Your details will not be passed on to any third party, not even the council or the school.

For further information about the course visit