CYPMHC Strategy 2024 to 2027

November 14, 2023

Children & Young People’s Mental Health Coalition (CYPMHC) have recently announced their new strategy which will frame work for the next three years.

The new Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition strategy was independently developed in 2023 through a series of in depth consultations with 175 people including: children and young people, parents and carers, member organisations, the Coalition team and Chair, the Steering Group, and key external stakeholders.

The strategy promises to champion the voices of babies, children, young people, parents and carers and put 3 priorities at the heart of the work they do from 2024 through to 2027 with their 4 commitments.


  • A mentally healthy generation with a focus on reducing risk factors for poor mental health and ensuring all babies, children and young people have strong protective factors; and creating positive and supportive environments where good mental health is promoted.
  • Early intervention for all with a focus on ensuring there is always a choice of early intervention services in a range of different settings and that groups of babies, children and young people at risk of poor mental health are prioritised in accessing early help.
  • Strengthening specialist services to deliver the very best mental health care for babies, children and young people. This should have a focus on funding and access and making sure that if a child or young person has a mental health crisis, they receive the very best care and support.

This final strategy hopes to provide a renewed motivation and clarity of focus to ensure that the mental health and wellbeing of all babies, children and young people is properly prioritised.

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