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Incredible Years Parenting Programmes:


YPAS delivers ‘Incredible Years’ (IY)  parenting programmes focus on strengthening parenting competencies and fostering parent involvement in children’s experiences, to promote their social and emotional skills and reduce conduct problems.


No matter how much parents/carers love their children, there are times when a child’s behaviour can be difficult to manage.  The Incredible Years Parent Programme can offer help and support to deal with a child’s behaviour in a positive way. We recognise that you are the expert on your child and will not criticise or judge your parenting. We will show you ways to make the most of the knowledge you have about your child.


What is the Incredible Years Parent Programme?

The programme aims to provide support by:

  • Helping  parents and carers deal effectively with their children
  • Bringing out the best behaviour in children
  • Building on a parent or carer’s skills and experience of dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Helping parents and carers  to help their child get the best out of school/nursery
  • Increasing parent and carer’s self confidence
  • Providing support for families.

How will I know if the Incredible Years Parent Programme will work for me?

Whilst it is difficult to say whether it will work for you, the Incredible Years Parent Programme has been tested for many years all over the world.   There are many studies to show that it works with children with behaviour difficulties.


How does the Incredible Years Parent Programme work?

We use video clips and group discussions to learn new ways of dealing with difficult behaviour. We will talk about and show you how to reward and praise children to encourage more of the behaviours you want to see.


Who is the Incredible Years Parent Programme for?

The programme is for any parent or carer of a child aged between two and ten years old who wants to learn new ways to manage their child’s behaviour.


How many people take part?

About eight to twelve parents and carers take part in each group session.  There are also two Group Leaders to offer support to those taking part.
Being in a group means that you learn from other parents and carers and you feel like you are not the ‘only one’ who is struggling with their child’s behaviour.  Parents and carers tell us that this brings them a lot of relief.


Can anyone else come along to the group sessions?

Parents or carers are welcome to bring someone else to the sessions to support them.

Are the course facilitators qualified?
The course facilitators are academically qualified and experienced facilitators.


What if I'm not happy with the facilitators or the course?
If you feel it's not working for you, you need to discuss this with one of the course facilitators.  If you feel you're not being treated right, you can fill in a CCC (comment, compliment, complaint) form and place it in one of the suggestion boxes or complete and submit online (click). Your complaint will be received and followed up by a manager.


Who refers me for the Parenting course?

You can refer yourself by contacting us or someone else can do it for you


You can also refer by completing the referral form and emailing it to

Have a look in our video gallery for interviews with some parents who have recently completed the programme CLICK HERE

Click here to download our IY flyer
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