Anger Awareness


2 full days: 13 - 15 years
3 full days: 16 - 18 years
3 full days:  19 - 25 years

Angry feelings are a natural reaction when things go wrong, life feels unfair or people upset or hurt us. Children and young people show these feelings in different ways:

  • shouting
  • saying horrible things to upset others
  • break or smash things
  • ignore rules
  • refuse to do things
  • physically hit out at family members/partners/friends
  • hurt their parents and other family and friends.


YPAS provides group work programmes designed to help you make sense of your anger, identify the reasons beneath it, look at your anger triggers, patterns and feelings and help you explore alternative ways of behaviour. The programme provides a safe and comfortable group-work setting that allows you to feel safe and comfortable amongst your group members. The anger awareness programme also encourages Peer Support, whereby all of the group members (maximum of 10) support each other.


What is anger?

Anger is a natural powerful feeling felt in the body that tells you when something is wrong and that you need to do something about it. It's an important feeling that we all have; it can help us to do great things. But it can also cause problems.


When is anger a problem?

If your anger is destroying relationships and getting you into trouble with family, friends, teachers or police then your anger is a problem.


Can drugs and alcohol make your anger worse?

Yes they can.

How do I get involved?

You can contact us us yourself or you can ask someone else to do it for you; a parent, teacher, mentor, carer, key worker or friend.


What will happen next?

You will be invited to YPAS to meet one of the team who will assess your needs and give you more information about the programme. Remember this is a voluntary relationship, so its important that you only access the programme if you want to.


What young people have said about the anger awareness programme:

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