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Altogether Better Charter 


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Young people from YPAS and across the country have worked to create the Altogether Better Charter which describes how services should treat the young people that they support. We've now made it possible for you to rate us against each of the charter demands, so that we can make sure you feel respected and supported when using this service.


Rate us and see change.


Visit the link below to give us anonymous feedback easily! This feedback will be followed up with special focus groups so that we can all work together to make this service the best it can be.


If you have a complaint about this service, please use our complaints procedure also and not just this  feedback tool. You can find our complaints procedure below.


The data collection period is from 1st April – 13th May


Please type this link directly in to the URL bar and not as a search in a web browser such as google.


Would you like to tell us something?
YPAS aims to deliver the highest possible service to children, young people and families. We accept that you may want to make a complaint, compliment or comment on the service you received past or present.

Your feedback on our services is very important to us and we welcome your views and opinions. 
You can contact us in a number of ways: 
  • Completing the on-line form (click here)
    • The survey is sent to a secure and confidential email address at YPAS
  • By phone 0151 707 1025
    • Call YPAS directly – your comments will be noted. If you have a complaint it will be investigated and we will contact you within ten working days.
  • In writing
    • Write a letter and send it to; Monique Collier (CEO), YPAS, 36 Bolton Street, Liverpool, L3 5LX. We can give you a stamp if you require one.

Comment, Compliment or Complaint

Access our online secure feedback form here:



It's important that YOU help us to shape and design how we look and how we deliver our services.This section is aimed at keeping you updated on the actions we have taken in response to your feedback.

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